Mousepad Pre-order Update

-Last update October 18th – Mousepads have arrived, they are sorted for the most part but need to take pictures and start packing them. Estimated to get them all out by October 27th.
-Updated October 7th – Mousepads look stuck in port at the moment, unsure when it’s going to be sorted. Plan is to contact the company to figure out what is the delay as it’s taking longer then previous shipments
Updated September 30th – Tracking finally kicked in so that should mean the mousepads have arrived at port in the city, should only be a week for them to get here then I should be able to mail out the items.
– Updated September 24thTLDR is that the mousepads appear to be a little slower then expected arriving, changed receiving date to September 29th.
– Updated September 5thTLDR is that the mousepads should arrive before the end of September and they should be mailed out late September/ early October to people who purchased them.

This pre-order update is for the following mousepads:

There are also restock for other mousepads and mousepads that aren’t on pre-order that aren’t released yet in this order. This list will be updated when those items are released.

The following is the rough timeline of events relating to the pre-order

  • July 19th production numbers were confirmed and order is submitted to the manufacturer.  
  • July 20th production payment was completed and production started.
  • July 28th received image produced of mousepads from manufacturer.
  • August 9th Received an update regarding items being ready to ship, not neccesarily shipped at the moment.
  • August 16th Items are being shipped to MosoBox location to pack and mail to customers.
  • September 5th MosoBox made update on site
  • September 29th tracking should be updated by here >We are here
  • Octoboer 13th? items should arrive at MosoBox location – estimate
  • October 20th? starting to mail out the pre-orders – estimate
  • October 27th? all pre-orders should be mailed out – estimate

I have been slow on this update as I was wanting to get a more accurate number on the dates of when the mousepads will arrive on my location.  But since the update has not been received on my end all this provided information is based off what happened on previous production batches and based off messages with the supplier.

Bellow is what tracking information they gave me, I’ll be updating this page as I get more confirmation on things.

Old shipping data before September 29th
Shipping data from September 29th onward