Pre-Orders and Back-Orders

Mousepad Batch #8 – Order Submission Delayed – Est January Mailing *Updated DEC 28th*

12.28.22 Update – Original date for mousepads to arrive in port was December 20th, due to the snow storm issues the mousepads have been stuck in port not unloading. The current estimate is December 29th for the port. The mousepads should be still heading out in January though it’s a bit difficult when the items will be processed through the port.

Had some files that were still being prepped for production, order was placed mid-end October so we are 2 weeks behind schedule.
Production has started so need to see how that goes before getting a new estimate time.

Designs in the order:

Arielle Oppai Mousepad – GThighmaster
Arielle Booty Mousepad – GThighmaster
CottontailVA Booty Mousepad – Minkye
Pyra Mousepad – Desspie
Elly Mousepad – Ringeko
Fefe Mousepad – Reine
Hazumi Mousepad – Shun
Juniper Mousepad – Gendo0032
Goat Mousepad NSFW – Kaptivate
Aurora Mousepad – Kana
Aurora Mousepad NSFW – Kana
Moonmeadow Mousepad – Alwise
Sif Oppai Mousepad NSFW – ErMao Wu
Sif Hip Mousepad – ErMao Wu
PixelcatOS Mousepad – Ringeko
Diluc Mousepad – Reine
Yelan Mousepad – Reine
Jean Mousepad – Reine
Yae Miko Mousepad – Reine
Shinobu Mousepad – Reine
Aponia Mousepad – Reine
Reine Mousepad – Reine
Shylily Mousepad – Kaptivate
Kiri Mousepad – Sub
Reiko Mousepad – TofuuBear
Reiko NSFW Mousepad – TofuuBear
Vexoria Mousepad – Krokobyaka
Vexoria NSFW Mousepad – Krokobyaka
Vixen Mousepad – Foongsheng

Acrylic Keychain and Standee Batch #22 – Est Mid-late November Arrival

Submitted order just waiting on things to arrive

Keychains in order:

Sleepy Shylily Keychain – Kimiyoto
Shylily Pinch Keychain – Yuniiho
Shylily Hood Keychain – Yuniiho
Pixel Shylily – JuneBug
Pixel Airi Keychain – Junebug
Pixel Joel Keychain – Junebug
Pixel Fefe Keychain – Junebug
Irene Keychain – Kannie
Kiri Keychain – Sub
Military Alfie – AngelynnMay
Sweden Flag Alfie – luiilafete
Caiman Keychain – b0x0d
Kaguya Keychain – ButtonIris
Chika Keychain – ButtonIris
Eden Keychain – Triseptimo
Eden Keychain – Rimuuarts
Momiji Keychain – ehrrr
Kagerou Keychain – ehrrr
EmmaLlama Pinch Keychain – Tsukimei
EmmaLlama Wink Keychain – Tsukimei
Sleepy Waffie – sanadiv_en
Smol Waffie – sanadiv_en
Pixel Eden Keychain – Junebug
Sleepy Snuffy Keychain – Kimiyoto
Mako Keychain – MousuArt
Femboy Merry Keychain – Sketchkun
Uncle Merry Keychain – Sketchkun
Ike Merry Keychain – Sketchkun
Maid Merry Keychain – Sketchkun
Merry Mascot Keychain – Sketchkun
Korone Keychain – R0cket Cat
Mori Calliope Keychain – R0cket Cat
Ninomae Ina’nis Keychain – R0cket Cat
Takanashi Kiara Keychain – R0cket Cat
Watson Amelia Keychain – R0cket Cat
Pekora Keychain – R0cket Cat
Ironmouse Keychain – R0cket Cat
Nyanners Keychain – R0cket Cat
Vexoria Keychain – Shuwachii
Vixen Peace Keychain – Nyiccco
Vixen Kiss Keychain – Nyiccco

Standees in order:

CottontailVA Standee – SuperSatanSon
Eden Acrylic Stand – Tanukii_Don
Bandit Acrylic Stand – NDTwoFives
Paiyumi Standee – Xaillax
Ike Merry Standee – Dya Rikku
Maid Merry Standee – Kirero
Shota Merry Sailor Standee – Emulapis
Femboy Merry Standee – Emulapis

Mousepad Batch #8 – Finished

Designs in the order:

Keychain & Standee Batch #18 – Manufacturer Delay – ETA Unknown