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The best way to learn about MosoBox is to get in touch directly, there are multiple ways to do this:

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Incase you want to do the additional reading:

MosoBox does not hold partners to exclusive merchandise agreements. Partners are free to host their own stores and to have their items hosted by other sellers, the merchandise is for the creator, there is no reason to restrain the creator because of merchandise.

MosoBox is an independent store front for creators of all kinds to have merchandise created from their designs. No sponsors or backers restricting type of content to be sold on MosoBox, it’s between you and MosoBox to figure out what to sell.

From production to shipping everything is handled by MosoBox, aside from providing designs and assigning release date you have free time to focus on what you want to do.

MosoBox has a fixed cost per item. You can choose the price of items and keep the difference (Might elaborate later)

Your message gets sent straight to Moso to review

Artists are credited for the designs they done