December 2022

Added 14 Keychains from FPS Moe and restocked some designs

November 2022

November 5th – Added 4 Shylily posters from Jagaimo

Added 2 Snuffy posters from Therrao
Added Snuffy daki
Added the playmat from Lessdraws
Added Haruka Daki
Added 1 Serotina poster, 2 keychains, 3 stickers
November 5th – Added 6 R0cket Cat posters and 8 keychains
Added Fefe, Joel, and Airi pixel keychains
Added 31? Wallscrolls to the site for Black Friday sale

October 2022

October 26th – Uploaded 1 poster, 1 mousepad, 2 keychains for Vixen
October 25th – Uploaded 18 Tofuubear posters
October 25th – Uploaded 6 Hololive posters from Appleseed
October 8th – Uploaded Lanfear keychain
October 17th – Uploaded Lanfear sticker
October 17th – Uploaded Irene Date poster (Missed from the drop)
October 17th – Uploaded Summertime poster by Osiimi
October 8th – Uploaded 2 EmmaLlama posters
October 7th – Uploaded 3 Spy x Family keychains
October 25th – Added 2 posters from Changgrath
October 16th – Uploaded leftover convention stock, 4 posters Mona, Ruby, Earth Chan and Kson
October 25th – Added a 6 more posters from leftover stock
October 17th – Uploaded Fefe sticker by Reine
October 17th – Uploaded 3 Pyra and 1 Mythra sticker
October 17th – Uploaded ku-ini Lumine poster
October 8th – Uploaded Elly keychain
October 8th – Uploaded Alfhilde keychain

September 2022

September 21st – Uploaded Kiri mousepad
September 8th – Uploaded 2 snuffy FPSMoe Stickers
September 13th -Uploaded 1 smilfy poster by Kaptivate
September 21st – Uploaded Snuffy Reaper Mousepad
September 16th – More formally made the sleepy keychain collection
September 13th – Uploaded 2 Haruka poster by Hungrydurp
September 16th – Uploaded pixel and sleepy Haruka keychains
September 14th – Uploaded 16 Nyarla posters by Osiimi
September 14th – Uploaded Ayumi Acrylic Standee
September 13th – Uploaded 5 Yoako posters
September 13th – Uploaded 3 Lanfear posters
September 12th – Uploaded 2 Elly posters
September 8th – Uploaded 2winsticker FPSMoe vers
September 27th – Uploaded 2 Arielle mousepads
September 21st – Uploaded 5 Reine mousepads
September 13th – Uploaded 2 specimen keychains and 1 standee
September 14th – Uploaded 2 sleepy keychains and 2 pixel keychains
September 16th – Uploaded Sitting Juniper poster by Milia
September 14th – Uploaded 24 Tofuubear posters
September 15th – Uploaded 5 Tofuubear posters, Reiko drop, uploaded 10 Reiko posters, 2 Reiko stickers, 2 Reiko mousepads

September 13th – Uploaded Lumi poster by Osiimi

September 14th – Uploaded Lumi Standee by Minsterphamduke
September 14th – Uploaded Mashu poster
September 14th – Uploaded 2 Alfhilde posters and 2 keychains
September 13th – Uploaded 14 Nanoless posters
September 14th – Uploaded 14 Nanoless posters
September 8th – Uploaded Shylily FPSMoe sticker and Kaptivate Poster
September 8th – Uploaded FBIChan Sticker

August 2022

August 12th – Uploaded 2 sif posters and 2 mousepads

July 2022

Con season made uploads hard to manage

July 20th – Uploaded more Merrydawg items 4 posters, 4 standess, 4 keychains

June 2022

June 7th – Uploaded Sif keychain
June 22nd – Uploaded Merrydawg items

MAY 2022

May 15th – Uploaded 3 Lucks posters and 4 Milia Posters
May 6th – Uploaded 2 Vexoria Mousepads and keychain
May 11th – Uploaded 16 Tofuubear posters

APRIL 2022

April 24th – Uploaded R0cket Cat posters
April 24th – Uploaded Goat Mousepad
April 23rd – Uploaded Cottontail items
April 12th – Added 5 posters, 2 keychains, 1 standee for Snuffy
April 7th – Updated store to porcelainmaid and added sleepy keychain and a sticker
April 2nd – Added Eden Mousepad, Standee, 2 Keychains, 4 posters
April 1st – Added Shylily Mousepad, Poster, and 4 Keychains
April 30th – Uploaded 13 Nanoless posters
April 24th – Uploaded Lily Lycoris items
April 24th – Uploaded Kannie Keychain, Posters and Daki
April 20th – Added 1 Merry keychain, 1 Merry Sticker, 1 Sif Avellana Keychain and 1 additional Keychain
April 10th – Added Mizuz items to the store, 1 mousepad, 3 posters
April 7th – Added Slime Leaflit Sticker, Leaflit Sticker, and an Asari Sticker
April 2nd – Changed Monthly Specials

MARCH 2022

March 27th – Added My Succubus Girlfriend Poster
March 23rd – Added poster of a bunch of Merryweather girls together in swimsuits
March 5th – Changed items on sale
March 27th – Added 2 Sif posters
March 23rd – Added a Nyarla poster, no it’s not a obsession.


Feb 12th – Added a Nyarla and Lumi poster
Feb 5th – Changed items on sale
Feb 12th – Added Bunch of new Nyarla items, some NSFW


Jan 22nd – Added alot of Reine posters, Genshin, Hololive, some OC
Jan 10th – New Ayumi Posters, Sticker, Keychains
Jan 29th – Added Shinobu from Demon Salyer and Raiden from Genshin
Jan 16th – Changed the on sale items

2012 – 2021

Will put stuff here later if it’s important