Due to the ever increasing amount of order volume and increasing global shipping costs, we are now introducing MosoBox Curbside Pick Up, a no cost pick up alternative for your orders! Instead of waiting for MosoBox to pack and ship your orders, you can now drive or fly to Vancouver and pick up your orders at one of our new MosoBox Curbside Pick Up locations!

In it’s current form, MosoBox Curbside Pick Up locations are easily spotted from the road. Just look for the iconic MosoBox box pile next to a red crate and pull over and pick up your order!

But how do I opt into MosoBox Curbside Pick Up?

When you are placing an order when choosing a shipping option, choose the new Curbside Pick Up option. This is open to international customers too who want to skip waiting for couriers who can take months to deliver.

If this goes well you can expect to have more curbside pick up in places like Toronto, Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, and London if this project goes well.

Test curbside pickup location located in Vancouver