I initially hoped that I would be able to continue working with the Melody, Silvervale, Ironmouse and Froot but as it’s evident now things are about to end. It was a wild time especially with Melody as I had worked with them from the rise and throughout the past year of hurdles. But I understand that they all want to achieve bigger things and MosoBox as a fanart market is going to cause them more trouble then help in the future.

Thanks for the opportunity and I hope you had a decent time 🥳

Now here are the general details for people who want to know what’s up.

Lead-up to the current situation.

Late November I initiated initial contact with Gunrun over twitter to see if there can be any official cooperation between MosoBox and VShojo.

Early December I contacted VShojo again in regards to see if fanart based off the VShojo launch promo outfits are ok to be merchandise from. I then messaged the Gunrun and Mowtendoo to clarify on this. The Gunrun did not reply while Mowtendoo directed me to e-mail their lawyer

I then contacted their lawyer and they stated that the designs from the launch are commercial licensed by both VShojo and the Original Artist and merchandise based off these designs are not to be commercially sold. It was also stated that there is no issues with the prior merchandise agreements I had with Projekt Melody, Silvervale, and Ironmouse as there is no conflict at the moment.

Mid-late December there was pieces of Froot appearing up so I contacted Froot in regards to having a merchandise arrangement as I had already been selling their fanart items for more then the past year. Froot was unclear if they had merchandising rights to their vtuber character so I directed my question regarding this to VShojo’s lawyer who did not respond. So following this I was cautious towards acquiring new pieces of merchandise for Melody, Silvervale, Ironmouse, and Froot in general.

In mid January in collaboration with Merryweather we released the pinch keychains featuring Melody, Silvervale, Ironmouse, Froot, Nyanners, and Zentraya. The arrangements between the vtubers were primarily handled by Merryweather and were made a few months back the specifics of which I am unsure but things like compensation for everyone was for the most part clear.

Mid February there was a piece Nanoless drew of Froot that I was interested in selling. But when I contacted the party representing Nanoless it seems that there was a talk with a legal contract between VShojo and Nanoless in the works. I then contacted the Gunrun on twitter to figure out what the legal contract would pertain to as at this point I was also carrying pieces from Nanoless that they have drew of Melody and Silvervale.

Late February I then received an e-mail from the Gunrun requesting MosoBox to pay out all the talents and to not produce any more merchandise featuring them. Which I then replied to him saying “I would need to hear confirmation directly from the talents as my deals were with them as individuals prior to VShojo forming”.

Early March I received the reply “We have permission from all of our talents to act as their agent in this matter, and they have given us permission to close their accounts with Moso”. At this point there was back and forth on things as I was already prepping the items and more in the current drop for release this month.

It was settled that April 5th would be the final day were the MosoBox store should for the most part be clear as an unofficial seller. And to make sure accounts are closed properly and in an appropriate time royalties will be collected until March 30th 11:59pm. Items will be made unofficial at that point.

What now?

For the bulk of the merchandise in question MosoBox has payment arrangements with both the artist and the vtubers. With this in mind we will continue to host and sell the merchandise unofficially and will be paying the royalties that were suppose to go to the vtubers towards the artists.

And now that we got freedom on this we may actually be able to make more merchandise as MosoBox does not need the sanction of VShojo or the vtubers in question.

That said we are working with more and other people. This will give me way more time to focus on helping them create merch.